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Title :  Super Rugby 2019 Round 6 Predictions
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Gon Hom
It is a Dumbwaiter not an elevator. NEVER RIDE IS...IT CAN KILL YOU
Comment from : Gon Hom

I just found this video today, seven years after you posted it. I would really love to see what went into making this lift, I would like something very similar to this in my garage.
Comment from : PaganWizard

and so like other commenters said, all you showed is the lift raising up which we all already know that's what they do and so how about taking your camera and simply taking some close up video of the track, the carriage, the rollers that guide the carriage while it raises and lowers, the hoist and how it is was mounted, etc
Comment from : Get-The-Lead-Out.45

Mark Rodgers
That's clever. Can you tell me what channel you used and how you mounted the rollers.
Comment from : Mark Rodgers

Ray Kohn
What size winch did he use on that?
Comment from : Ray Kohn

Shane T
A video of it going up...this is what every lift does. How about a video of how the runners and winch works?
Comment from : Shane T

jabbar syed
What cost of the barn elevator?
Comment from : jabbar syed

jabbar syed
Where I can buy? And what is the price of the item
Comment from : jabbar syed

That lift is sweet! Great job.
Comment from : FM L

What's the max it can lift? how much does it cost to make/install

Comment from : Ben

hatschi und datschi
Great Idea
Comment from : hatschi und datschi

Delta Golf
very nice! would you share the design?
Comment from : Delta Golf

TechnikWiki - Deine Konstruktion?
Cool :-) see my elevator too...
Comment from : TechnikWiki - Deine Konstruktion?

Jared Morgan
I am up here!
Comment from : Jared Morgan

AKA Nathan
Love it!
Comment from : AKA Nathan

this is so much simpler than what I had planned out in my head. I like it!
Comment from : BikerTrashWolf

John B. Houck
This is awesome please help me where i could get this i need it as soon as possible.
Comment from : John B. Houck

That it folds up is the most brilliant part of an all-around impressive set-up. Amazing, how level it stays with him standing on it. Great job.
Comment from : CrabOfDoom

I like so many others would love to have more pictures of how the tract was assembled, and other types of materials. I have been trying to come up with my own design of this exact idea. If you can, could you get more pictures and or more specifications next time you visit your father in-law? Much appreciated.
Comment from : Matt

When, amazed, I saw this man raising up , I only had tho words: Jesus Christ!
Comment from : remige2006

There are a lot of elevator/lift videos on Youtube, but this is the best design I have seen. A tribute to your father-in-law! A very handy guy!
Comment from : jrace2718

Vagelis Karlis
Hello There. Nice job. Are there any drawings to help me do the same in my garage?


Comment from : Vagelis Karlis

Debbie Dunne
I need one of these are you in Australia

Comment from : Debbie Dunne

dodgey once in you are in loft and no one can get you out in emergency
Comment from : sydney040

Matthew McCullouch
What was used for the track rollers? I am building something similar, and was thinking on using cam follower bearings.
Comment from : Matthew McCullouch

Ken Tupper
The barn elevator lift is a very simplistic design. It is really cool. 
Is there a possibility that I could purchase a set of plans for building this lift. I will except all liability for design on the plans that I purchase.
Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Comment from : Ken Tupper

LookBehind You
Good job,
Could you please elaborate on the mechanism of the motor, pulleys?
Maybe if it's not hard to get another film to complete what you started.

Comment from : LookBehind You

Do you have any other access to the attic besides the lift?

I'm considering this in my next build, but am considering the lift as the only access.

Comment from : BellyUpFish

Dave Wright
i'm up here
Comment from : Dave Wright

James Klazura
That is nicely done.  Is it a kit or is he willing to share specs and instructions?
Comment from : James Klazura

John L Smith
Nice if we could have had a look at how the thing works.
Comment from : John L Smith

What type of railing did he use ?
Comment from : dukat03

Mark Chocianowski
I think that's really smart. 
Comment from : Mark Chocianowski

You know someone stole your video. It is on AMIT CHAUDHARY channel.
Comment from : Ham549

Craig Jones
Looks cool, but has the potential to be very dangerous. It would not be legal to install on many States. As someone who installs real elevators for a living, this type of posting is something that I am called on to replace/repair or clean up after the child is seriously injured. Please take extreme care when considering a DIY project. If you move from the house, remove it and take it with you. The product liability follows the builder.
Comment from : Craig Jones

Thanks, sorry I do not have any other vids and this was my father in laws design, it is his lift, he designed and built it.
Comment from : dgallag339

Everett Mellish
Best looking lift I've seen to date...really like the idea of stowing it flat against the wall when not in use. Do you have a more in depth video of how you contructed the lift or plans that can be purchased?
Comment from : Everett Mellish

Yeah it is pretty cool, that dude can build anything he built the barn then he constructed that elevator/lift.
Comment from : dgallag339

rgcomp rgcomp
Comment from : rgcomp rgcomp

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